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Born in Milan, Italy in 1982 and graduated at the Politecnico di Milano faculty of design, Giuseppe De Francesco has been collaborating with important Italian photographers in fashion and architecture industries before starting his career. He has been living in many european and asian cities. He’s currently working on worldwide scale for his personal researches and commercial assignments.

Giuseppe De Francesco’s works have been exhibited in Italy, Switzerland and Japan so far.

His images explore places with a clean style, focusing on the content of the specific photographic research he’s working on. He believes that the environments we are living in are in a continuous dialogue between our cultural heritage and with the way we are shaping our future. The aim of his work is to show the connection between the memory of places and the cultural identity they contribute to create.

Tokyo Hyaku” project is currently exhibited in Japan. “Second Cities” project is ongoing, please sign up the newsletter to get updates.


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