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16 January 2023

Vietnamese-German University / Machado Silvetti

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a unique collaboration between the World Bank, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and the German Hessen State Ministry of Science and Art. Machado Silvetti is the Master Planner for this campus and Design Architect for the 327,000 square meters of built area including laboratories, classrooms, food-courts, sports halls,…

11 January 2023

Dien Hong Plaza / DE-SO Asia

Located at the heart of Hanoi capital, the project aims to upgrade the quality of public space, especially the pedestrian areas in the city in the purpose of an eco behaviour, a sustainable approach, a green development and to give sense to the historical center of Hanoi.

20 December 2022

Van Hien University / DE-SO Asia

DE-SO Asia designed the façades on the existing building including a large pedestrian corridor between exterior tropical climate and interiors of the classrooms. Concrete prefabricated vertical columns frame outside from inside.

22 May 2022

Lao Cai spiritual park / DE-SO Asia

The architectural and landscape project by DE-SO Asia is narrated through a video that seamlessly combines original footage with CGI. I directed this video with meticulous attention to detail, capturing natural atmospheres and showcasing project’s features.

18 January 2022

The Canopy / Nguyen Pham

Nestled in a tranquil garden of Saigon city, the project is about the extension of a restaurant, with the wooden roof emerges and gracefully blends into the surrounding trees.

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